Window Treatments 101 (part 2)

Blue Jay Paint and Blinds is your local resource for your interior design needs, including window treatments from trusted brands such as Hunter Douglas and Graber. Window treatments can enhance your home and offer a variety of benefits. In our first Window Treatments 101 blog post we talked about the reasons to choose window treatments for your home and their features. In this follow up post we will explore the different style options available.

Cellular Shades

Cellular shades, commonly known as Duette by Hunter Douglas and Crystal Pleat by Graber, are the honeycomb shaped shades most of us know. They are the workhorse of the window treatment industry. They generally have the most options in terms of fabrics, opacities, and lift systems. These shades also give the highest insulation value. Since these are so versatile, they can be used in any room of the house. They can even be sized to fit shaped windows such as arches and circles. One option that is available is the top down bottom up feature. This allows the blind to operate from the bottom up, as it is usually seen, or from the top down using a moveable center rail. Part of the window can be blocked while letting light in from the top half. The top of the shade could be lowered down a bit to let the light in but the bottom fabric would still obscure intruding eyes. In the last post we discussed how a sheer shade for the bathroom could still offer privacy. The top down feature can combine a sheer top fabric with an opaque bottom fabric in this configuration. The center rail could be moved up or down depending on your privacy needs at the time. For large windows or patio doors, there is a vertical product offering called Vertiglide or Slideview. This allows you to match all your shades in a room or home, without sacrificing ease of operation. These shades are offered with corded, cordless, and power lift options.

Pleated Shades

A shade that is making a resurgence is the pleated shade. This was the predecessor to the cellular shade. It is a simple, classic covering that has been updated with many bold color and pattern choices that make it very fashion forward. A very contemporary shade with multiple opacity options, it can be a very chic and economical option for your home.


Silhouette by Hunter Douglas is a unique offering that combines the soft look of a fabric shade with the adjustable light control of a blind. The soft vanes are fixed between two sheer panels. The sheer fabric blocks more that 80% of harmful UV rays, without disrupting the exterior views. Several vane sizes are offered to meet different design needs. The fabrics range from sheer to room darkening. Silhouettes are available with the Ultraglide lift option, which is a single cord that maintains a consistent length and eliminates a dangling cord loop. This improves the look and safety of the shade. As with the cellular shades, the silhouette offers a top down feature as well. The silhouette also has a companion vertical product for large openings, such as patio or French doors. It is called a Luminette. The vanes rotate left and right to control the light. It evokes the feeling of a drape but is much more versatile when it comes to light control. The standard control for this shade is a wand. The Powerview operating system, which is Hunter Douglas’ latest motorized system, is an available option. This system can be used with a remote or from a phone or iPad with a downloadable app. This motorized blind is not battery operated as many of the others are, but requires an outlet to plug into.


Another unique offering from Hunter Douglas is the Pirouette. This elegant shade has a vane that appears to be floating due to the invisible lift system and sheer backing. The sheer back blocks the UV light when it is open, so you get the sun protection without blocking the view, much like the silhouette. Unlike the silhouette, these vanes open and close instead of tilting. Multiple choices of fabrics can make this shade look formal to casual, depending on the design desired. Pirouettes are available in several lift systems including Powerview Motorization and Ultraglide (corded).The standard control is Easyrise which is a corded loop.


The Vignette shade evokes the feeling of a classic roman shade. Its many choices of luxurious fabrics and soft folds gives a beautiful shade choice with a casual feel. Unlike most roman shades, the vignette has no exposed cords on the back to give enhanced child and pet safety. It has a top down offering as well. Three style choices allow you to match this shade to your personal style as well as the window it needs to fit in. The vignette also has a vertical option for covering patio doors and the like. This allows you to match all the shades in a room, even one with large openings.

Roller/ Solar

Still a popular and economical option is the Roller or Solar shade. This shade is very versatile and is available in many different style options. There are tassels, bottom treatments, and more to make this shade look as casual or tailored as you desire it to be. A roller shade is generally used to block more light and is offered in many fashion forward fabric choices that you can tailor the opacity and look to your style and taste. A solar shade is used for privacy and light control, but it also can allow you to enjoy the outdoor view during the day. This shade has a more open weave fabric that allows varying levels of transparency while protecting from the UV rays. All these shades have many design options, ranging from valances and lift systems to sliding panels for large openings that are made of the same fabrics. There are even options for exterior use, like for outside patios!


Shutters are a more permanent option and can increase the value of your home. Hunter Douglas shutters are made from real hardwood, wood hybrid, or poly-satin resin. Shutters are an investment. They last nearly forever and are very durable. Often people shy away from shutters because they have been told they are very expensive, which they can be, but there are some very reasonable price points and the design options are numerous. Custom shapes like circles and arches are available which allows you to cover windows to patio doors and everything in between. Shutters are classic and never get old, but they need an experienced professional to get the best fit for your home.

Natural Shades

Natural shades are made from reeds, grasses, bamboo, and other natural materials to produce a casual textured and interesting window covering. They raise up into soft folds or can be made as a vertical product for large openings. This is a different look from the more structured shades we usually see. Several different lifts systems are available for this shade as well, both corded and power.

Other Options

Other window treatment options include vertical blinds, as well as mini blinds in multiple styles and price points. We also offer custom drapes, cornices, valances, and roman shades from Graber.

Blue Jay Paint and Blinds is a full service dealer and we are dedicated to helping you find the ideal window fashions for your home. Our free at home design consultation includes a free measure for your window treatments. Expert installation of your blinds and shades complete the project. With the holidays coming up now is the time to schedule an appointment with us to ensure your project is complete in time for guest’s arrival.